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Introducing the Next Generation Cloud Based Software - Maxidoo.

The hospitality business keeps you on your toes. And switching between various tools cuts into precious time. That is why, our features are designed to ensure peace of mind. Our software multitasks. So that you, the hotelier doesn’t have to.

It helps streamline your operations and minimizes errors. You are at peace to do what a hotelier should - interact with your guests. Increasing the personal rapport and customer delight, revenue growth is assured!

Front Office

Being at the forefront, the Front Office is one of the busiest places on the property. All the revenue and guest related information needs to be available in the shortest time possible. This is where MAXIDOO helps out. By collating all the information and keeping it handy. So that the front office staff does only what matters. Improving the guest delight quotient. The dashboard comes in a clean, easy to view grid layout. Single touch functions ensure updating and booking rooms. Real time details of every room available - whenever you want.

  • Booking & Reservation
  • Check-in & Check-out
  • Settlement
  • Rate Management
  • Cancellation Policy


Taking care of all the guest’s needs is now a click away! Do away with the manual listings and enjoy a single platform that updates easily and provides the necessary information and instruction to the various departments concerned. Marking clean/dirty rooms, guest laundry information as well as catering to guest’s wants made easier than ever before!

  • Room Status
  • Mini Bar
  • In-House Laundry Management
  • Guest Laundry Management


Customise your point of sale invoices just the way you want them. The robust software can efficiently handle multiple order tickets, split invoices, non-chargeable order tickets, as well as customized multiple order billing as well. The information is posted to the room directly, making the final billing an absolute breeze. Taxation, discounts and timely generation of reports - all taken care of.

Minimum time taken to collate all the necessary information makes check out a quick and pleasurable experience for the guest.

  • Outlet Creation
  • Kitchen Order Ticket
  • Billing & Settlement
  • Discount
  • Non-Chargeable KOT
  • Tax Setup
  • Night Audit
  • Reports
  • Bill Posting


Large scale banquets are now a hassle free operation. Our intuitive software gathers all the relevant and critical information which is made available to all the concerned parties. With MAXIDOO, all the changes are updated to all the related departments so that you focus on the one thing that is of paramount importance - customer delight!

  • Outlet Creation
  • Booking
  • Function Prospectus
  • Billing & Settlement
  • Night Audit
  • Reports


One of the toughest jobs on the property. Now made effortless! Keep an eye on the inventory without getting hassled about it.

  • Dashboard
  • Setup
  • Material Request
  • Purchase Order
  • Material Receipt & Issue
  • Stock Level & Variance
  • Reject Material
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Vendor Management


Keep a track of all the accounts with a single click! Take stock of the expenditure as it happens so that you never miss a single thing.

  • Financial Management
  • GST Compliance
  • Accounts Receivable

Food Costing

Know exactly what makes up every dish in terms of quantity, recipe, ingredients etc, within seconds. Be aware of your profitability at all times. Standardized techniques ensure consistency and quality every time.

  • Issue Based Costing
  • Recipe Based Costing
  • Detailed Recipe Master with Preparation & Presentation Techniques
  • Reports

HR (With Payroll)

For glitch free, smooth record maintenance of staff salaries, withheld taxes, bonuses etc. It is cost and time effective, provides ease and saves tonnes of paperwork too!

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Tax Calculation & Filing
  • Reimbursement & Claim Management
  • Statutory Compliance Management
  • Exit Employment
  • MIS Reporting

Bonus Features

Everything about your business in a single click. Make all the information you need about various departments, finances, taxes and growth, available in just a few seconds.

  • Business Analytics
  • Admin
  • Messenger
  • Booking Engine

Channel Manager

Real time connectivity with top domestic & international OTA’s help to increase room sale. Your property is visible on multiple OTA websites. Manage rates, inventory, room availability with ease, on real time basis. Cut out manual activities and ensure zero overbooking risks.

  • Reports & Analytics
  • Rate Parity Management
  • PMS Integration
  • Yield Management

Revenue Intelligence

Direct data that impacts profitability available at your fingertips. Make the most of every opportunity by making timely changes. Adjust critical POSs like REVPAR and ARR to ensure consistency of revenue. All with the ease of a software that works like a partner. With you. For you.

  • Departmental Insights
  • Competition Review