Our parent company, Atishay Limited, operates in the IT and Hospitality domains. Being a customer of Hotel ERP products for years, we faced problems with GST implementation, managing bottom-line operations and data analytics. In order to create a world-class experience for our customers, we felt there was a growing need to address the obstacles one faces with Hotel ERP Solutions.
Thus, we developed Maxidoo, a performance maximizer for hoteliers to help reduce IT challenges and focus on managing core hospitality solutions efficiently.


While passion and the zest for success remains at the core of every business, they remain difficult to attain in today’s world due to the divide in opportunities.
This divide is further widened because of lack of skilled human resources, geographical disparities and limited access to capital and technology.
At Maxidoo, it is our belief that every dream should get wings, every ambition should be supported to prosper. Every hotelier should have an equal platform of opportunities and be able to relish success.


Being a catalyst of change, serving as a dependable support system has always been our goal. We aim to be the most customer-centric company offering the best in Hotel ERP Software Solutions. We deliver on our commitment by making technology which is comprehensive and easy to use, offering hoteliers a simpler way to achieve greater operational efficiency.